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A teleprompter is a device used to display scrolling text in front of a speaker or performer, allowing them to read their script or speech without having to look down at notes or cue cards. The teleprompter usually consists of a screen or monitor placed at the front of the stage or studio, with a reflective panel mounted above it that reflects the scrolling text back to the speaker. The speed of the text scrolling can be controlled by an operator or the speaker themselves, and the text can be edited or changed on the fly if needed. Teleprompters are commonly used in television news broadcasts, political speeches, and corporate presentations, among other settings. Hire4event provides a teleprompter on rent in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon for events.  Hire a glass teleprompter for an event from Hire4Event and get it delivered to your event site.

Teleprompter on rent in Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon for Events

There are several companies that provide teleprompter rental services in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. Here are a few options:

Hire4event: Hire4event is a rental service provider that offers teleprompter rentals for events and video shoots in Delhi, Noida, and Gurgaon. You can rent their teleprompters for a day, a week, or longer as per your requirement.

Technical specification- 

Teleprompters are devices used to display text in a clear and readable manner for on-camera presenters or speakers. While there are various types of teleprompters available on the market, let's discuss the technical specifications commonly associated with them:

  • Display: Teleprompters typically utilize a high-resolution monitor or display to present the text to the presenter. The display is positioned in such a way that it reflects off a transparent glass or beam splitter, allowing the presenter to read the text while looking directly into the camera lens.
  • Size and Aspect Ratio: Teleprompter displays come in different sizes, typically ranging from 8 inches to 24 inches diagonally. The most commonly used aspect ratio is 16:9, which matches the standard widescreen format of modern cameras and monitors.
  • Brightness and Visibility: Teleprompter displays need to be bright enough to ensure clear visibility of the text, even in well-lit environments. The brightness is measured in nits, and a higher value generally indicates better visibility.
  • Mounting and Adjustability: Teleprompters are designed to be mounted securely on a tripod or directly onto the camera lens. They often feature adjustable height and angle mechanisms to allow for proper positioning and alignment with the presenter's line of sight.
  • Text Editing and Control: Teleprompters may include built-in software or connect to external devices for text editing and control. This software allows operators to adjust the speed, font size, scrolling, and other display settings remotely. It should support various file formats for importing scripts and provide a user-friendly interface.
  • Compatibility and Connectivity: Teleprompters can connect to various devices, such as computers, tablets, or dedicated control units. They may utilize standard connections like HDMI, VGA, or USB, enabling seamless integration with different setups and prompting software.
  • Power Source: Teleprompters typically require an external power source. They can be powered using AC adapters or batteries, depending on the model and intended usage.
  • Construction and Portability: Teleprompters are often made of lightweight materials like aluminum or plastic to ensure portability. Some models feature collapsible or foldable designs for easy transport and storage.
  • Accessories: Additional accessories may include a hood or sunshade to reduce glare on the display, remote controls for convenience, and mounting brackets or adapters for compatibility with different cameras.

It's important to note that specific teleprompter models may have additional features or specifications beyond those mentioned above. It's always recommended to refer to the manufacturer's documentation or product listings for detailed technical specifications and compatibility information when considering a teleprompter purchase.

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