Adamson E15

Adamson E15

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Adamson E15

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Adamson E15 is a high-performance line array loudspeaker designed for large-scale live sound applications. It is part of the Adamson E-Series and is well-known for its outstanding sound quality and reliability.

The E15 features two 15-inch Kevlar neodymium woofers, two 7-inch Kevlar neodymium mid-range drivers, and two 4-inch compression drivers. The system operates in a bi-amped configuration and has a frequency response of 50Hz to 18kHz (+/-3 dB).

The E15's unique design includes Adamson's patented Controlled Summation Technology (CST) and Uniformly Progressive Waveguides (UPWs), which work together to provide exceptional sound quality and even coverage throughout the listening area.

With its high output and long-throw capabilities, the E15 is ideal for large-scale outdoor festivals, stadium shows, and other live sound applications where clear, powerful sound is essential. It can also be used in smaller venues where a high-quality sound system is required.

Overall, the Adamson E15 is a highly respected and widely used line array loudspeaker that has earned a reputation for its exceptional performance and reliability in the professional sound industry.

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