What are best Entertainment options for virtual and hybrid events?

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Virtual event and entertainment planner
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Virtual and hybrid event entertainment also needed if you want to plan a successful event. When we talk about Virtual or hybrid event engagement is big challenge, we can say how we can create excitement. Sometime people feel bored while joining a virtual event because a long-duration meeting will be boring. This is a mindset of employees or audience.

We, the team at Hire4Event, have a solution where we can make virtual or hybrid event memorable. There is a number of option available where we can make your meeting entertaining.

What are best Entertainment options for virtual and hybrid events?
What are best Entertainment options for virtual and hybrid events?

Hire4event is India’s leading virtual event organiser and has an experienced team to execute any kind of event across Delhi, Noida, Gurgaon, Bangalore, Chennai, Hyderabad, Mumbai, Chandigarh, Jaipur, Lucknow, Kolkata, Bhopal, Ranchi, Vizag, Pune, Kochi, Agra, Faridabad, Shimla, Manali, Mussoorie, Goa, etc.

What we do while organising virtual or hybrid event?

We provide complete setup for any virtual event activity or conference setup. We provide unique services for making events memorable with our entertainment support. Our company have in-house inventory like video camera, video mixers (Blackmagic and Matrix) Zoom, Webex, and Google meet technology support. Hire4event.com has our own chroma setup and streaming server to webcast any event around the globe.

What are best Entertainment options for virtual and hybrid events?
Our team is doing virtual event

We are one the top video conferencing company, hybrid event organizersand technology support company. We are into content creation, chroma shoot, videos editing, Audio systems, Lights, camera setup, etc.  Team Hire4Event does content design works, online Branding for corporate events, special effects, and virtual studio set-up for any kind of virtual or hybrid event.


We have tried to list those options below:

  1. Online Game Shows
  2. Virtual Jam Sessions
  3. Virtual/Hybrid Team Hunt
  4. Virtually organize Karaoke
  5. Tarot Card Reading for a Virtual Event
  6. Include Family & Friends
  7. Virtual Magic & Mentalism Show
  8. Online Fitness Classes
  9. Virtual Meditation
  10. Digital Craft Night
  11. Virtual Water Color Class
  12. Online Virtual Casino Nights
  13. Plan Virtual Story-time
  14. Virtual Open Mic
  15. Comedy show
  16. Team-building games
  17. Virtual Mash-Up
  18. Speed Networking
  19. Virtual Live Concert
  20. Team Movie Night
  21. Social Media Challenge
  22. Awards Ceremony
  23. Play Some quizzes
  24. Virtual Guest Speaker
  25. Online Brainstorming Sessions
  26. Go on a Virtual Travel Trip
  27. Enjoy a Virtual Concert
  28. Hire an Entertaining Host
  29. Play a Puzzle or Brainteaser
  30. Magic Show
  31. Virtual Photo Booths
  32. Award Badges
  33. Immersive Virtual Environment
  34. Pre-Recorded Sessions
  35. Motion Graphics
  36. Branded Virtual Backgrounds
  37. Dance, ball, or disco
  38. Fashion show
  39. Hackathon
  40. Networking evening
  41. Q&A
  42. Reunion
  43. Film screening
  44. Secret event
  45. Seminar
  46. Signing
  47. The arts (ballet, musical, opera, or theater)
  48. Workshops
  49. Run a GIF or meme contest
  50. Guest speaker