What are different type of events ?

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Type of events
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It can be “gathering of people for a cause like entertainment, sales meetings, discussion, briefings or sports.”

Types of events:

[1]Social event-

A social event defined as an event where some people from a community, Aria, friend, society, department , or family get together for a social cause like a wedding, birthday party, engagement, anniversary, funeral or celebration.

[2]Entertainment event-

Entertainment events are a get-together from enjoyment like music concerts, Celebrity performances, Party, food festival, Gala night, award ceremonies, fashion shows, etc.

[3] Sports event:

People gathering to enjoy playing a sport like a cricket match, football, marathon, or any other sport is called sports event.

[4] Educational event:

The educational event is all about seminars, placement fairs, debates, competitions, education fairs, etc.

[5] Political event:

people gathered for rallies, the election of leader, meetings of leaders, road shows, etc which are called political events.

[6]Corporate events-

Gathering from a company/companies for any discussion, sales meeting, product launch, dealers meet, conference, etc is called corporate event.

[7] Exhibition-

To display products or services to the public or a defined segment is called exhibition, where people can come and explore services and products and give orders to dealers or manufacturers.

[8] Religious/divine events-

A celebration of the divine festival, Discourse, fair like Kumbh, Shrikrishna, or Janmashtami are called religious event.

Event companies provide services to manage these events in different form like support, marketing, production, and security. Permissions, execution, transports, accommodation, entertainment, celebrity arrangements, etc.