19 Different Photo Booths Ideas for Events

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Photo Booth
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Photo Booths and Prop Stations for Events

There are many experienced and top-professional Photo Booth Rental Service Providers in India. They provide option to click unlimited photographs. Even more, these service providers do the installation of selfie stations, instant photo booths without photographers, and a wide range of photo print designs. And we also provide easy setup, professional cameras, and equipment. you will get 1000+ ideas for photo booth frame, props, backdrop as per your event. The attendees of your event will get an amazing Option for wireless Social Media Kiosk for immediate upload of your photos to Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter.

These are the different ideas about Photo Booths:

(1) 360-degree Photo Booth

Our 360-degree photo booth isn’t just another branding opportunity; it’s innovation. The 360-degree photo booth offers an experience unlike anything you’ve seen before. With the 360-degree photo booth, you are the celebrity, and your event photos are sure to be the best around.

(2)Boomerang  booth


Boomerang GIFs created by taking a quick burst of photos to create an animation that moves forward and backward, creating a fun digital media for social sharing.


(3) Anti-Gravity Photo booth


Let’s create an anti-gravity photo booth where users will come and make all the gravity-defying poses as they get clicked from the camera.

(4) Augmented Reality Photo booth


Augmented Reality Photo Booth wows guests as their image is augmented with virtual 3D props over a large-screen display. The guests interact and control the experience using hand gestures to create an extraordinary photo keepsake.


(5) Basic Photo Booth


Whether it’s our traditional curtain booth or a modern open-air kiosk, we have perfected the photo booth experience. Keep your photos classic with photo strips or opt for a custom-designed photo layout.


(6) Bobble Head Photo Station


Bobble Heads Station allows you to create a fun, personalized Bobble Head Doll as an event keepsake. This product offers a funny and unique party favor for guests of all ages!


(7)Caricature booth


Live Digital Caricatures is the next level in Live Caricature Entertainment. With our artists’ decades of experience in drawing caricatures at parties and special events, we now offer this exciting product which will WOW your guests and clients at your next party, corporate event or trade show.

(8)Digital Props Booth

Digital Booth lets your guests do Screen Graffiti and drag-and-drop digital Drop Digital Props with your own equipment, at a fraction of the cost of more expensive turn-key systems. There are no franchise fees or revenue sharing. Stand out from the crowd with the most interactive photo booth experience available.

(9)Lip Sync Photobooth

Let users select from unlimited song titles that you provide.The lyrics will be shown on the screen while they lip sync the song and record a video. After they are done, they can share the video on Email or Facebook.


(10)Gif  Booth

Our GIF Booth takes a quick burst of photos and turns them in to a 2-3 second looping clip. The clip can then be shared to your phone, email, and/or social media.


(11) Magic Photo Booth


Green screen images make great party favors that your guests will be talking about all night. We have hundreds of backgrounds to choose from and will even customize them to your event if requested. What are you waiting for, Do something unique that your guests will never forget!


(12)Light Painting


For the uninitiated, painting with light is usually done in a dark or near-dark environment. A photographer will usually set the camera to a longer exposure, and movement of any light source within the frame will be captured as beautiful light trails.


(13) Magazine cover booth


We take your guests picture with a green screen background and then transform the photo into a fabulous magazine cover.Your guest will love it and have a memorable keepsake that will keep them smiling for years and years.
We can customize any overlay on the magazine cover make it specific to your party or event.


(14) Marryoke photo booth


We will record you and your guests singing along to a popular song, then make a montage video of the clips gathered on the night. This will be recorded in and out of the booth, capturing the true essence of the party. This is amazing for weddings, student parties, proms, and corporate events.


(15) Mosaic Photo Booth


The world’s first and only instant photo mosaic print solution. This all-in-one kiosk snaps a photo, analyses it for colors and shapes, and prints out a personalized mosaic with your custom branding in less than 30 seconds.


(16) Meme Photo Booth


Photo and Selfie  booth users love creating memes of themselves to show friends what they are feeling that day. Easily add and place bold text on your photos to make a Meme! There is no end to creativity.


(17) Ring Photo Booth


Ring integrates robust hardware, an intuitive iPad app and sophisticated online platform to deliver a seamless and modern photo booth solution. Optimized lighting and social technology come together in ring booth to create a visually-stunning, unforgettable experience for your guests.


(18) Strip Photo Booth


A Strip is a series of photos captured really, really quickly, mashed together, played forwards, then backwards, looped and then shared straight to Instagram (or Facebook, or to email, or to your phone, or, well, you get the idea).


(19)Mirror Booth


The Mirror Booth is a unique photo-generating product offering the latest technology in interactive picture-taking. The full-length mirror offers a sleek design and a user-friendly interface, communicating with guests through a touch screen of colorful animations and entertaining voice guidance.